Councilman Bradley requests additional information on proposed Refugee Resettlement in Spartanburg for Spartanburg County

– For Immediate Release – April 14, 2015 Following Congressman Trey Gowdy’s letter to Secretary of State Kerry yesterday, Spartanburg Councilman Justin Bradley, District 2, today sent a letter to Congressman Trey Gowdy’s office echoing the Congressman’s requests for additional information on the proposed refugee resettlement in Spartanburg County. Councilman Bradley has sought additional information for […]

Spartanburg Herald-Journal: Spartanburg County Council approves $4,000 for trails master plan

Felicia Kitzmiller reports at the Herald-Journal: Spartanburg County Council approved $4,000 Monday night to begin implementation of the trails and greenways master plan. The 40-year master plan was adopted by council in 2012 following extensive collaboration with Spartanburg city, Mary Black Foundation and Partners for Active living. Now, the entities are beginning to implement the […]

Spartanburg Herald-Journal: Spartanburg rally draws attention to human trafficking

From Jenny Arnold at the Herald-Journal: State and local officials brought the often hidden issue of human trafficking to light during a rally at the Beacon Drive-In Sunday. The rally was hosted by newly sworn Spartanburg County Councilman Justin Bradley and featured speakers from local government, the S.C. Attorney General’s Office and Switch, a Taylors-based […]

Letter to the Editor: Bringing hope to the darkness

Human trafficking has received a lot of attention in recent years. Unfortunately, there are still a number of misconceptions about trafficking. Raising awareness about human trafficking and learning what we can all do to end it is our greatest tool to ending human trafficking in our generation. Human trafficking is defined as the use of […]

Spartanburg Herald-Journal: Human trafficking hidden but present in Upstate

Felicia Kitzmiller reports at the Herald-Journal: Just because it can’t be seen doesn’t mean it isn’t there. That’s the case with human trafficking in the Upstate. January is human trafficking awareness month, and statewide and local events are scheduled to bring attention to the issue that exploits about 21 million people worldwide, including 1.5 million […]

Spartanburg Herald-Journal: Spartanburg County Council approves land-use planning

Felicia Kitzmiller at the Herald-Journal reports: Spartanburg County Council gave planning experts the green light to proceed with a land-use strategy that could guide development of residential, commercial and industrial properties in the future. The council voted unanimously to approve the measures recommended by the Spartanburg County Planning Commission. The framework of the initiative, dubbed […]

Op-Ed: Condition of courthouse isn’t just a county issue

The Herald-Journal published my op-ed on the condition of the courthouse: The problems with state legislators failing to fully fund the local government fund in accordance with state law reached a new low last week. Legislators in Columbia have voted since 2009 to override the current law and fund the local government fund (LGF) at […]

Spartanburg Herald-Journal: Fresh faces will alter dynamics of County Council

Felicia Kitzmiller at the Herald-Journal sat down with Councilmen-elect Bob Walker and myself to discuss our approach to the issues that will be coming before county council in the coming months: Spartanburg County residents voted for change, ousting two incumbents in favor of divergent candidates sure to alter the dynamics of council. “We’ve had a […]