July Newsletter: Council Meeting Next Monday

Check out the recap below to see what you missed at the June Regular Council Meeting July 16, 2015 Friends, Our next regularly schedule council meeting is next Monday, July 20 at 3:30 pm for committee meetings and 5:30 pm for full council. Last month’s meeting was packed with information, so I wanted to send […]

The front of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

Completed in 1935, the US Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, is the first to have been built specifically for the purpose, inspiring Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes to remark, ÒThe Republic endures and this is the symbol of its faith.Ó

The Court was established in 1789 and initially met in New York City. When the national capital moved to Philadelphia, the Court moved with it, before moving to the permanent capital of Washington, DC, in 1800. Congress lent the Court space in the new Capitol building, and it was to change its meeting place several more times over the next century, even convening for a short period in a private house after the British set fire to the Capitol during the War of 1812.

The classical Corinthian architectural style was chosen to harmonize with nearby congressional buildings, and the scale of the massive marble building reflects the significance and dignity of the judiciary as a co-equal, independent branch of government.

The main entrance is on the west side, facing the Capitol. On either side of the main steps are figures sculpted by James Earle Fraser. On the left is the female Contemplation of Justice. On the right is the male Guardian or Authority of Law. On the architrave above the pediment is the motto ÒEqual Justice under Law.Ó Capping the entrance is a group representing Liberty Enthroned, guarded by Order and Authority, sculpted by Robert Aitken.

At the east entrance are marble figures sculpted by Hermon A. MacNeil. They represent great law givers Moses, Confucius, and Solon, flanked by Means of Enforcing the Law, Tempering Justice with Mercy, Settlement of Disputes between States, and Maritime and other functions of the Supreme Court. The architrave carries the motto ÒJustice the Guardian of Liberty.Ó

The interior of the building is equally filled with symbolic ornamentation. The main corridor is known as the Great Hall and contains double rows of marble columns

Statement on US Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

Last week, 5 justices on the U.S. Supreme Court declared that there is a constitutional right to gay marriage, and in doing so overturned centuries of history and the decision by majorities of voters and elected officials of many states who chose to continue to define the institution of marriage as between one man and […]



June 22, 2015 Friends, Last week, a horrible and evil act occurred on the streets of Charleston when an individual opened fire in Mother Emanuel AME Church driven purely by hatred and racism. 9 innocent lives, including state Senator and Pastor Clementa Pickney, were taken. Whenever these horrible acts happen, I am always shocked and […]

Discharge of Firearms in Subdivisions – I need your feedback

I need your perspective! Your Voice, Your Vote – Issue Alert As you have probably heard, Spartanburg County Council is creating a citizen advisory committee to study whether a new ordinance is needed to regulate the discharge of firearms in subdivisions (likely based on how densely populated the area is). Council will meet on 6/15/15 […]


I want to talk to you

May 31, 2015 Friends, Over the last 5 months, I have been learning about the process of serving on county council and how the decisions that we make on council impact county departments, outside agencies, and our residents. I was lucky to be able to spend the year prior to joining council to learn and […]

April 2015 Newsletter: Your Taxpayer Dollars

Friends, I am sending out my monthly newsletter for April a little later than normal this month (into early May) because I wanted to include an update from our budget workshop from yesterday morning. I believe my most important job as your representative is to be a advocate for our taxpayers and watching how we spend […]

Full Statement on Refugee Settlement

Friends, Due to an incorrect paraphrase of my stance in recent article about the refugee settlement, I want to be sure you hear directly from me about this issue. Since the Herald-Journal first reported on this in March, I have spoken with many of my constituents and other concerned citizens in the community, as well […]