Justin Bradley believes in conservative principles: promotion of life and families, private property rights, lessening the burden of government on individuals and businesses, economic opportunity and empowerment, and standing for the rule of law. The proper role of government is limited, effective and efficient.

Taxes & Spending:

Justin is committed to being an advocate for your taxpayer dollars. Justin believes in reforming and modernizing our budget approach with a focus on prioritizing spending on core government services first and with an eye toward achieving measurable results for dollars spent. Justin will always work to reduce the tax burden on local residents and businesses.

Economic Development and Jobs:

Justin will promote policies that encourage economic development, both by new investments and growth of existing companies Рlarge or small Рin Spartanburg County and better paying jobs for our residents. Justin believe that economic development is about more than numbers Рit is a means to give our residents upward mobility and economic opportunity. Justin supports educational opportunities for our residents throughout their lives to prepare them with the 21st century skills needed for these jobs.

Roads and Infrastructure:

Justin supports investing in our county’s infrastructure to foster, rather than hinder, economic growth and meeting the critical needs of our residents.

Accountability and Transparency:

Justin is your neighbor in the district and makes every effort to be available through email, cell phone, or social media accounts to his constituents. Justin shares full videos of council meetings on Facebook, YouTube, and his website, and he posts every vote on a resolution or ordinance on his Facebook account for his constituents.

Local Control:

Justin believes in local government and that local decisions should be made by elected officials closest to the people. Justin has repeatedly stood for full funding under the current law for the Local Government Fund so that your tax dollars return to Spartanburg and prevent you, the taxpayer, from being taxed twice for services that you only receive once.