Letter to the Editor: Bringing hope to the darkness

Human trafficking has received a lot of attention in recent years. Unfortunately, there are still a number of misconceptions about trafficking. Raising awareness about human trafficking and learning what we can all do to end it is our greatest tool to ending human trafficking in our generation. Human trafficking is defined as the use of […]

Op-Ed: Condition of courthouse isn’t just a county issue

The Herald-Journal published my op-ed on the condition of the courthouse: The problems with state legislators failing to fully fund the local government fund in accordance with state law reached a new low last week. Legislators in Columbia have voted since 2009 to override the current law and fund the local government fund (LGF) at […]

The Stroller: ‘Reform’

Justin provided comments that were published in the Stroller column today regarding his position on the state gas tax: Justin Bradley, candidate for Spartanburg County Council District 2, has been keeping up with recent Stroller readers’ comments on the gasoline tax, and he’s siding with the crowd arguing against an increase. “Our roads and infrastructure […]