I want to talk to you

May 31, 2015

Over the last 5 months, I have been learning about the process of serving on county council and how the decisions that we make on council impact county departments, outside agencies, and our residents. I was lucky to be able to spend the year prior to joining council to learn and observe and lessen my learning curve during these first few months. I have enjoyed seeing the positive results that we make on council, and learning from mistakes of the past. I believe that this is essential for me to understand what changes we can make to enact meaningful conservative reforms in our county government.

Since the early days of my campaign, I spoke about how I wanted to make a difference in our county government and modernize and reform the services that we perform. I believe in a smaller, simpler government, but I also believe that the government we enact must work – plain and simple. That is why I believe in local government, because government closest to the people is more responsive to the people that we serve. It is the same reason that issues like the Local Government Fund (which was shorted for another year by our legislators in the current budget being debated in the statehouse) bothers me – decisions that are taking place in Columbia are all too often insulated from the actual people being impacted locally.

But I believe that it is important to not just talk about this – sometimes elected officials just need to listen. Even though I am in the district everyday – living here and seeing you at the grocery store, Lowe’s, or one of our great local restaurants – I know that I need to take the time specifically to listen to you and have an ongoing dialogue about how to improve our government. I also think it is great for me to stay connected with my constituents outside of an election cycle around the corner. So, for the next couple of months, I plan to take time going door-to-door, working with local business owners, and speaking with you, the residents of District 2, to learn about what areas of government we can improve to better serve Spartanburg County. If we want to continue to attract new businesses and individuals to our area and ensure that our local businesses continue to grow, the key is providing a smaller, more limited local government that simply works.

So I want to talk to you. Let me know what areas I should visit and send me your ideas by email or on social media. I need your help to enact conservative reforms in Spartanburg County.

I look forward to speaking with you!

God bless,

Justin Bradley
District 2 Representative, Spartanburg County Council District 2

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