Councilman Bradley requests additional information on proposed Refugee Resettlement in Spartanburg for Spartanburg County

– For Immediate Release – April 14, 2015


Following Congressman Trey Gowdy’s letter to Secretary of State Kerry yesterday, Spartanburg Councilman Justin Bradley, District 2, today sent a letter to Congressman Trey Gowdy’s office echoing the Congressman’s requests for additional information on the proposed refugee resettlement in Spartanburg County. Councilman Bradley has sought additional information for his constituents following the Herald-Journal article regarding this proposal in early March and numerous communications from District 2 residents. He additionally requested that Congressman Gowdy’s office share any new information obtained with Councilman Bradley and other members of Spartanburg County Council and local elected officials in order to allow local officials the opportunity to review the details of the proposal. Councilman Bradley is also communicating with state elected officials as they seek more information at the state level.

Councilman Bradley fully agrees with Congressman Gowdy that this plan should be placed on hold while the community has an opportunity to review the details of the proposal.

Councilman Bradley’s full letter can be found at this link: Letter to Congressman Gowdy’s Office.