Spartanburg Herald-Journal: Bradley defeats Mintz for Spartanburg County Council

Felicia Kitzmiller at the Spartanburg Herald-Journal reports on our victory:

Political newcomer Justin Bradley defeated two-term incumbent O’Neal Mintz on Tuesday night to win the Spartanburg County Council District 2 seat.

Bradley garnered 1,980 votes (51 percent) to Mintz’s 1,902 votes (49 percent).

Mintz, 68, a small business owner, said he was stunned by the results.

“With what we’ve done for the community, we didn’t see this coming,” Mintz said. “I couldn’t tell you what happened. … Obviously, when you think you’re going to win and you lose by 78 votes, it’s pretty disappointing.”

Bradley credited a lot of hard work by a team of volunteers for his success.

“I expected victory,” Bradley said. “We were out there. We knocked on doors. We were campaigning every Saturday since February. We didn’t take any votes for granted, but we expected victory.”

Bradley, 26, an attorney, was running in his first political contest. Bradley said he felt called to become involved in decisions that would affect his generation.

Now that he’s been elected, Bradley said he’s looking forward to working with county council members and the county administration to turn his ideas into solutions, and will immediately begin work on the 2015-2016 budget when he is sworn in in January. Bradley campaigned saying the county budget needed to be better prioritized and results-driven.

Mintz said Bradley will “have his hands full,” and wished him luck balancing council obligations, his young family and work.