Spartanburg Herald-Journal: District 2: Bradley stresses reform if elected to Spartanburg County Council

The Spartanburg Herald-Journal profiled our race for County Council District 2. I encourage you to read both my profile below and the profile of my opponent, which you can access here. Be informed and engaged, and I hope to earn your vote!

From Felicia Kitzmiller at the Herald-Journal:

Justin Bradley wants to win election to Spartanburg County Council to begin crafting his vision for a better future for himself, his 9-month-old daughter and all of South Carolina.

“The decisions that are being made today… are going to affect my generation, and we have to make decisions that are going to help improve my generation,” Bradley said.

If elected, Bradley has long-term plans that include working with state legislators to change the taxing structure on the local and state level. But first, he said the existing budget needs reform.

“It’s not just about cutting spending or cutting taxes, it’s about making sure we’re spending these tax dollars wisely that we’re actually investing in the future,” he said.

For example, Bradley said, parks and recreation spending increased dramatically over the last several years, while general revenue has fallen off, leaving crucial needs unaddressed. Most of this is because of dedicated revenue streams, like the hospitality tax. Bradley said he opposes dedicated taxes, like the hospitality tax and the road fee, because it eliminates flexibility and increases the tax burden on residents.

Bradley said he favors a results-driven budget in which the outcome of each expenditure determines its priority and a spending cap is strictly adhered to.

One of the primary reasons Bradley chose to locate his young family in Boiling Springs is because of the quality of life, so he said he recognizes the importance of those expenditures, but would like to see council foster an environment where businesses and communities create those amenities independent of government.

Bradley said being an accessible and accountable representative would be “a baseline” for him, and he would concentrate on individual and countywide transparency.

“Every item I vote on, I’m going to post an explanation on Facebook or my website so everyone can see exactly where I stand,” he said.

Bradley said he’s also eager to join Spartanburg County’s successful economic development team. If elected to council, Bradley said he would encourage diversification of business recruitment.

“I’m delighted to see manufacturing coming back to South Carolina, but I think we also need to have regional and corporate headquarters. That’s an area Greenville is really competing globally in,” he said.