The Stroller: ‘Reform’

Justin provided comments that were published in the Stroller column today regarding his position on the state gas tax:

Justin Bradley, candidate for Spartanburg County Council District 2, has been keeping up with recent Stroller readers’ comments on the gasoline tax, and he’s siding with the crowd arguing against an increase. “Our roads and infrastructure in South Carolina are in bad shape, and estimates show that it will cost as much as $29 billion to bring our roads to an adequate maintenance level. Although many seem to think raising the gasoline tax is a good idea at a time when the new ‘normal’ gasoline price is well over $3 per gallon, I disagree,” he responds. “In addition to the burden this would place on our families and businesses, raising the gasoline tax will only throw more money into an already broken system. We need to reform our state transportation system so that it is no longer able to be politically influenced and spend more time maintaining existing roads rather than building new projects that benefit only a few well-connected portions of our state. But perhaps the biggest argument for not raising the gasoline tax is one brought up by its supporters: gasoline tax revenues are falling due to more fuel-efficient cars. Our state is dependent on the gasoline tax for 71 percent of our state highway funding, while the national average for other states is 35 percent. Why would we want to become more dependent on a shrinking revenue source? We need reform, not a short-term solution that will only put us back in this same position in the near future.”